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Obituary Frederick S. D'Angelo

Frederick S. D'Angelo, former City of Long Beach police officer and firefighter, passed away May 29 following a short illness. He was 51.

He was to be buried this morning, June 2, at Calverton National Cemetery.
A man who was well-like and respected, D'Angelo graduated Long Beach High School in 1949. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in Europe during the Korean War.
Following his discharge from the service, he worked for the Long Beach Water Co., and as a bus driver for the City School District. In 1957, he joined the Police Department. D'Angelo transferred to the City Fire Department in 1965 and served as Vice President of the Uniformed Firefighters' Association. He retired from active duty in 1969 due to a heart ailment.
Frederick S. D'Angelo is survived by his wife, Dorothy; son, John; mother, Katherine; father Frederick and sisters, Doris and Yvonne.
His loss is heartfelt.

The above obituary was written as appeared in the Independent Voice Weekly newspaper in Johns absence were he was the Editor-in-Chief. below is a correction written by John.

Dad wasn't that old
Thank you for making my father's passing one of the highlighted events in the 1980's. You correctly noted that he was a retired Long Beach Police Officer and professional firefighter, two careers of which he was extremely proud. He was a great guy!.
However, you incorrectly reported that he was a World War II veteran. Actually, my dad served in the Korean Conflict.
I won't tell him about the mistake if you don't.
All the best. -John D'Angelo
Frederick S D'Angelo