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Eddie in the Net

The game was going badly
For the Ranger six that night.
The score stood one to none
And they were running out of fight.
So when Seiling missed a break-away
And Park went off for two,
The fans began to hope
For a miracle or two.
A scattered few got up to go
For trains thy had to run.
The rest began their yelling
For good old number one.
They knew that steady Eddie
Would play his best this night.
Boston would have no more goals
With Giamcomin on the ice.
But Neilson was on defense
Stemkowski on the wing,
And Jimmy’s shot was wild
And Peter’s had no sting.
Now from the New York Rangers fans
There came a worried gasp.
The organist was silent
The message board was blank.
They thought if only once
The puck would hit the twine,
They’d bet the world on winning
Once the score was tied.
The puck came out to Neilson
He wound and took a blast.
Stemkowski got a tip in
The score was tied at last.
And now it’s minutes later
And what has just occurred?
Stemkowski has his second
And he’s looking for a third.
Then suddenly a chant arose
Up in the highest seats
Everyone was yelling it
Standing on their feet.
They soon would have the Stanley Cup
If Eddie could hold on.
So everyone was screaming out
De-fense was their song.
And now the Rangers set it up
They break in towards the goal.
And suddenly a voice calls out
“One minute left to go.”
And now there’s thirty seconds left.
And now it’s down to ten.
Cashman steals the puck from Rolfe
Espo’s cutting in.
There’s but three seconds left to play
Espo takes the shot.
Eddie has it lined up
He’ll surely make the stop.
And in Detroit the players laugh
The Red Wings’ year is done.
Canadian fans can shout and cheer
Cournoyer scored fifty-one.
The Islanders are finished
They hope for better luck.
But there is no joy in Rangerville
Good old Eddie missed the puck.
                       -John D’Angelo

John wrote this while in school and he got a 90, I wish I knew the date it was written, I'm guess it was in the late 70's, please email me the date of the game he wrote about if you know it -