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Enjoy this page as we do, to come together and visit the times we have now.

When Freddie and Marie were little, John thought it was important to teach them to recite "T'was the night before Christmas" and they have been entertaining their classmates, friends and family since they were 4 years old with this classic tale.  As the years passed  Gina and Serena joined the group, sometimes just sitting or standing while listening until they could join in and recite it too. Here they are now, in 2008 reciting The Night Before Christmas as their little 5 year old brother, Johnny joins in the D'Angelo family tradition. Their grandma Nana and cousin Jake, listen as well as myself as I film them. We go back to Christmas eve 1990 at the end of this clip with 5 yr old Freddie and Marie reciting the night before Christmas as 16mt old Gina sits in. John is doing the filming and coaches them along.

We approach the holidays with joy, knowing this was John's favorite holiday. He was always so happy at Christmastime, he knew it was magical and spread his cheer to everyone he came in contact with. Each year he pulled out the Christmas box with much anticipation from the children and  organized the decorating of the inside of our home; getting each child involved hanging lights and garland. My mom likes to call it the Moose Lodge. This year as well as last year, the kids all came home for Christmas and sprang into action the day after Thanksgiving and decorated the house, Dad style. John's cousin Donna knew how much John enjoyed Christmas and told me that she wanted her Godson Johnny to have the best Christmas ever because he deserved it. Donna helped make this Christmas magical for Johnny, because he got something he never thought he'd ever get. watch the video below to see! It starts off a little rough, because this was only supposed to be the back up tape, since Marie was going to use her camera. I threw in some photos at the end to the tune of "Love & Happiness" by Marc Broussard.

When I grow up by Marie